Hi, I'm Ben.

I create media content and develop websites.

Benjamin Thomas

I'm a committed and motivated worker and graduate of Kutztown University. I've always had a passion for making videos and coding websites, which led me to earn a dual degree in CTM (Cinema, Television, and Media Production) and Computer Science: Software Development.

Enjoy my portfolio, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Contact Me

Media Creation

Media Creation

My demo reel, highlighting some of my best work. You can find more of my content on YouTube here.


General experience with non-linear editing, multi-cam timelines, lower third integration, etc.

After Effects

Able to create and animate custom graphics and lower thirds with keyframing and interpolation, as well as with the AE's expressions library for complex manipulation.


Image correction and touchups, as well as masking and overlaying.

I’ve covered live events ranging from dance recitals to college sports and graduations. I enjoy post-production, where I can craft and form stories and transform them from great to outstanding.

Web Development

Web Development


Aiming to use the latest and greatest web design features available while maintaining cross support.


Able to add style and flare to content with responsive layout designs, and action with animations and transitions.


Whether working with client-side form validation or data-driven content, my AngularJS experience will definitely come in handy.

I've been developing websites since high school, and I have enjoyed tinkering with various frameworks and languages, starting with PHP scripts and working my way to a few Node.js applications. You can find my past and current projects here on GitHub.

I currently working with TC Motion to update their site, with a current preview here.